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Mulch Mender - The cost-effective mulch renewal solution
After 6-12 months, your mulch starts to fade and deteriorate rapidly.  Until now your only option was to install a new layer of mulch.  Mulch Mender™ provides a cost-effective solution, offering on-site mulch renewal service for less than half the cost of installing new mulch.  

Mulch Mender™ uses a signature process to apply specialized dye to your mulch, instantly bringing it back to new.  Our custom-formulated dye solution also includes binding agents which essentially glue the mulch together to form a weed-resistant mat, as well as pre-emergent chemicals designed to reduce weed germination by up to 80%.  The net result is mulch that looks 100% brand new, with the same level of decreased weed germination as applying new mulch, all for less than half the cost of installing new mulch.  

In situations where your beds have bare spots, we can cover those areas with our premium dyed shredded hardwood bark mulch to blend them into the newly dyed beds.

We offer all standard colors, including Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Red.

Thanks to the Mulch Mender™ system, property owners and managers can now afford to keep their mulch beds looking brand new all year round for less than the cost of installing new mulch every year. 
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