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Our primary focus is serving the needs of businesses and commercial entities such as HOA's, retail centers, commercial sites, and municipal / government buildings.  We work with property managers, developers, and other business owners to compliment the services you offer your customers by helping you with specialty tasks that aren't cost-effective for you to embark on yourself- such as hydroseeding and retention pond management.

Our mission is to be your single-source solution for all your commercial property management needs, but we will also provide any of our services as a stand-alone product.  Grassy Creek is divided into three separate operational groups which each offer unique services:
    -Landscape Management Group
    -Property Maintenance Group
    -Stormwater BMP Compliance & Environmental Services Group

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Landscape Management Services

    Bushhogging                                                                               Retention Pond Vegetation Management
    Drain Installation (French Drains, Stormwater Sewers)                 Sod Installation
    Fertilization (Turf fertilization & Ornamental)                             Trenching
    Fire Ant Control                                                                         Total Landscape Management Packages
    Irrigation Repair                                                                         
    Mulch Installation
    Mulch Renewal (Spray new dye onto older dyed mulch)                                                     
    Pruning Ornamental Trees & Shrubs                                                                             

Stormwater BMP & Environmental Services

    Apron repair                                                                                Fence installation & repair
    Bank stabilization                                                                        Hydroseeding
    Concrete structure repair & patching                                           Rip rap installation
    Dam Inspections                                                                          Sediment removal
    Detention Pond & Retention Pond Inspections                               Stormwater Pipe & Spillway Repair / Replacement
    Detention Pond & Retention Pond slope mowing                           Silt fence installation
    Detention Pond & Retention Pond BMP fixture maintenance          Tree & Stump Removal from stormwater facilities
    Drone-assisted Pond Inspections                                                   Water Quality Device replacement
​    Erosion control
The Grassy Creek Group